Threat Intelligence Lookup Beta

  • Designed for security engineers to assess IoCs
  • Outlines potential threats, provides deep, up-to-date threat intelligence
  • Advanced innovative algorithm with wide coverage, low false positives
  • Quick 50ms response time per request
  • Options for Web Lookup, API, and Data Feed access
  • Built on our Sensor Network, OSINT, In-House Research, ML Analysis
  • API access is available at just $790/month

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Our Products

Our tools are designed to assess any IP address or domain, determine its potential for harm, and provide a detailed security assessment and threat intelligence.


Web tool designed for security engineers to quickly evaluate suspicious indicators directly through our website's interface. It delivers a comprehensive security assessment, outlines potential threats, and provides threat intelligence.


Offers a detailed security evaluation, highlighting potential risks and delivering threat intelligence. It's an essential tool for augmenting your current security setup with our expert insights. With functionality mirroring our Lookup service, it seamlessly integrates into your security platform.

Data Feed

Equips your security systems with a comprehensive list of IoCs for automatic threat detection and response. The premium version enhances this with in-depth threat intelligence, similar to our Lookup service. Select from raw or pre-filtered feeds, both tailored for smooth integration within your infrastructure.

Contact Us

Got a technical issue? Want to send feedback about data feeds? Need details about our plans? Let us know. Please note that our service is for registered companies only. Requests from private individuals or emails that don't match the company domain name are ignored.